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kitesurfing lessons tulum mexico
kitesurfing tulum
kitesurfing tulum


full view kitesurfing

Here you can find general kite instruction information, but our lessons are specifically personalized for you.

We adapt to your personal skills and needs,

always following the latest standards and safety techinques.

We are certified instructors but what is more important is our experience  teaching watersports for many years.

Feel free to write us!


The Intro to Kite Boarding is the fastest, easiest and safest way to discover the Kitesurfing world. During this lesson you will have fun learning the basics of flying a trainer kite in the "wind window" and the "power zone". This 1 hour lesson includes full equipment and instruction with our trainer kites.

  • Introductions with site assessment

  • Safety for spectators

  • Launch & Landing of kite

  • Kite flying skills

  • Understanding of Safety System


kitesurfing beginner lesson tulum
$99 USD
$70 USD per person
kiteboarding group lessons tulum

The Basic Full Intro is a 3 hour full introductory course begins with same way of the Intro.

After demonstrating the required skills, it is time to be introduced to the four-line inflatable kite. You will learn how to set the equipment, the bar and its safety mechanisms, how to launch and land it, and techniques in piloting the kite. Now, you will start to experience the power of a

four-line kite. We suggest doing the full intro with the group rate as there is some theory and demonstration.

$195 USD Beach Price
  • Basic Intro

  • Kite assembling Safety (wind directions, weather and ocean conditions)

  • Types of kites

  • Bars and lines

  • Advanced Kite control

  • Intro + 4 Lines Inflatable Kite Assembling

  • Bar and Lines (parts and safety systems)

  • Self-Launching and landing

  • Kite Control on the beach.

 LEVEL 1-2

The goal of the Full Intro Program is to use the theory and skills learned in the Basic Intro Kiteboarding Program to advance your control of the four-line kite and become an independent kiter. Here, you will learn to pilot the kite while on land and in the water. During the water instruction, you will learn how to use the power of the kite to propel yourself through the water known as a "body drag." You will then learn the piloting skills needed to start getting on the board.

  • Basic Intro

  • Kite assembling

  • Safety (wind directions, weather and ocean conditions)

  • Types of kites, bars and lines

  • Advanced Kite control

  • Directional body-drag (Technique to recover the board)

  • Power body-drag (using the power zone)

 LEVEL 1-2-3

The Complete Kiteboarding Program is the way to become an independent kiteboarder, with the full knowledge to be able to keep practicing by yourself. You can start with Full Intro Program and add the last 3 hours to become 100% independent, in the last 3 hours you will master

your kite control and attempt to stand on the board.

Per person
$650 USD
$720 USD
$585 USD Beach Price
  • Basic Intro

  • Kite assembling

  •  Safety (wind directions, weather and ocean conditions)

  • Types of kites, bars and lines

  •  Advanced Kite control

  • Directional body-drag (Technique to recover the board)

  • Power body-drag (using the power zone)

  •  Self-rescue

  •  Water re-launch

  • Different types of boards

  •  Water start


During the Refresh course we will help you feel comfortable again with your kite and with your kite control, with the assembling of your equipment, we will go in the water for some body drag if you need or the water start.

$180 USD Beach Price

*In case Kiteboarding is not possible because of lack of wind we can do Paddleboarding, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in the ocean or in one of the many Cenotes in the area.

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