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Fulvio is from the beach side of Rome,

yes there is a beach! 

He has dedicated his life to all that involves the sea. From sailing to water sports, he is a definite water addict!


Living by the sea for his entire life, early on he started practicing sports like wave surfing, windsurfing, sailing and spearfishing.


He worked as a life guard during the summer seasons in Italy and travelled around the world to work as a scuba diver and windsurfing instructor.


When he finally landed to Mexico, he was invited to start an underwater video company in Cozumel island.


Shortly after he settle down in this wonderful country

on the coast of Tulum, where he created

"Full View Kitesurfing and Water sports" 

and stayed for 10 years.

We now moved to La Ventana,

Baja California Sur, one of the best windy spots on the planet!

This is where the idea was born.  Combining all that he achieved in Kiteboarding and many water activities to a place where he can teach and enjoy them!

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